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Songs from Letters in Red

10 Scripture Songs for Kids from the Words of Jesus
Created by Christy Semsen
Arranged by Daniel Semsen
  • Seal the Word of the Lord in the minds of your kids with songs they’ll leave rehearsal singing again and again!
  • 10 brand new songs from Christy Semsen… taken from the scriptures and gospels!
  • High energy, worshipful songs of praise, with Daniel Semsen tracks choirs love to sing to!
  • Awesomely fun DVD available to enhance your special Kids Choir presentations!

Matthew 6:9-13; Luke 6:27-28, 31-34; Matthew 4:18-20; John 14:18, 26-27; John 15:5-8; Matthew 6:25-27, 31-33; John 10:14-15, 27; Luke 9:23-25, Matthew 10:39; Matthew 5:13-16; John 14:1-3, 6…

What do all these scriptures have in common? The answer is easy! They are the source for a new Bible-based, music-driven, kids music ministry resource called SONGS FROM LETTERS IN RED…featuring 10 new scripture songs straight from the Words of Jesus!

Created by the super-charged husband/wife/songwriter/arranger production team of Christy and Daniel Semsen, SONGS FROM LETTERS IN RED is a fresh slice of musical goodness perfect for kids choir, and versatile enough to meet a wide variety of music, worship, or teaching needs in your children’s ministry…brought to you by the WORDKIDZ CHORAL CLUB.

The 10 fun-to-sing, easy-to-learn, sensational scripture songs in SONGS FROM LETTERS IN RED are a great way to teach kids important lessons from the Bible, and are a proven and practical way to hide God’s Word in our kids’ hearts by incorporating scripture with memorable songs, produced in an edgy, contemporary, kid-friendly style. From Christy and Daniel Semsen, SONGS FROM LETTERS IN RED is sure to be a big hit with your kids, teachers, and volunteer workers!

Release Date: Dec 22, 2017


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