Sheep Stuff

A Wooly Awesome Christmas
Created by Christy Semsen
Arranged by Daniel Semsen & Nathaniel Semsen

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They’re BAAAACK! Travel through time this Christmas on an adventure back to the 1990s with four unsuspecting sheep (and one yelling goat) who were there the night of his birth!

You’re guaranteed a ‘Wooly Awesome Christmas’ with this brand-new musical written by Christy Semsen and arranged by Daniel and Nathaniel Semsen. Sheep Stuff is a funny, heartfelt musical that your kids’ choir will love, with plenty of ‘90s references for the parents!

Beginning in Bethlehem on the night of Jesus’ birth, Trixie, Pax, Rami, and Mimi are transported to a 1997 movie set filming a re-enactment of Jesus’ birth. Confusion abounds as the sheep try to understand why Mary looks so fancy; there is “artificial sunlight,” and the shepherds smell like daisies. With the help of Scott the Shepherd, they come to realize the importance of who Jesus is and what his birth means for everyone. Jesus was born in a manager and grew up to die for our sins. He is our Shepherd and cares for each sheep!”

Release Date: April 18, 2023


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