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A Video Game Musical About The Lord's Prayer
Created by Christy Semsen
Arranged by Daniel Semsen & Nathaniel Semsen

Time to level-up in Praystation! Your objective—To instill The Lord’s Prayer into your heart and mind! Your challenge—Get through this new, totally-rad, virtual reality video game from Christy Semsen without getting distracted by the tempting obstacles at each level! When you complete each level, you will officially accomplish the mission of learning a new portion from The Lord’s Prayer, ultimately beating the game by memorizing the prayer in its entirety!

Siblings Chloe and Wyatt are video gaming pros…and they’re so good that they’ve just about run out of games to beat…except Praystation! But when Wyatt convinces his sister to take on this new game involving faith, trust, and prayer, she is not enthused about the goal. Regardless, Chloe decides to jump in with her overly-enthusiastic-about-prayer brother and finds herself getting pricked by a cactus, being led down a tempting-but-wrong trail by the Sneaky Cowboy, and running in a continuous loop in a pit. It’s only when Wyatt pulls her out of the pit and helps her to the Tree of Light that she is able to let go of her doubt and discover that prayer is not about getting what you want from God. Prayer is about knowing God and running to Him in the good times and in the bad. Only then can we rest in His love.

Get the win in your kids choir with this musical of testimony and prayer. No bugs or glitches here…Praystation will not only teach your kids about trusting in God, it will ultimately teach them HOW to pray: to praise His name, surrender to His will, trust Him to provide, forgive others, ask for His deliverance, and ultimately realize it’s all about HIM! With six levels filled with virtual reality adventure and fantastically fun musical variety—this musical of truth is perfect for any kids choir, big or small. No time for lagging…join us as our newest player in a game of Praystation!

Release Date: November 1, 2021


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Script/Vocal Preview
Script/Vocal with Piano Preview


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Accompaniment Video Preview


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