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Joy Ride

Cruisin' Through Philippians
Created by Christy Semsen
Arranged by Nathaniel Semsen & Daniel Semsen
You’re gonna want to check out this revolutionary new resource for children!!! Join us for a cruisin’ good time as we take a JOY RIDE through the book of Philippians!


These scripture memory songs from Philippians can be used as a complete musical with full drama, OR a collection of scripture songs with narration for performance, VBS or Sunday worship!!! New from Christy Semsen, this versatile resource is fantastically fun and scripture-filled!


The musical version follows Mr. Phil and his campers as they hit the beach, catch some waves, soak in the sun, and sing trendy songs straight from scripture! It is filled with quirky, fun characters, a sunny So-Cal beach theme, and catchy, upbeat songs, but ultimately the heart and soul of this children’s ministry resource is to teach kids the word of God through music. What will they learn? Serving others, the importance of prayer, that joy isn’t the same as happiness, trusting God no matter what happens, and how we can do all things through Christ.


Whether you use this as a full musical performance, with the narration, or as a collection of individual songs for Sunday worship, Joy Ride will give your kids a way to remember key verses and faithful actions from Philippians throughout their lives. So hop in and head to the beach as we cruise through Philippians!

Release Date: September 6, 2022


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Script/Vocal Preview
Script/Vocal with Piano Preview


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