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Danny and the Shacks

A Bible Story-Inspired Musical for Kids
Created by Christy Semsen
Arranged by Daniel Semsen
  • Bible stories about Daniel brought to life in modernday-speak!
  • Scripture and powerful messages of truth throughout, putting “what matters most” into the hearts of our kids!
  • Instructional DVD…watch a live performance, hear Christy’s commentary and learn Choreography the visual way!
  • Teacher Resource Kit also available with Lesson Plans, Bible Verse Memory cards, Games and much more!

Come along on this Biblically-inspired, Won’t-Bend-Won’t-Bow-Won’t-Burn Babylonian epic, recounting the adventures of Daniel (“Danny,” as we call him in our 21st-century version of the story) and his bandmates, The Shacks (better known to you Bible scholars out there as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego!). In our re-telling of the story, three young Hebrew men named Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, in conjunction with the prophet Daniel (of lions den fame), have a band called DANNY & THE SHACKS. They embark on a roller-coaster-thrill-ride of experiences as they encounter King Neb, his golden statue, some crazy Babylonians, the fiery furnace, and of course, the infamous lions den. Through it all, the powerful truth of God’s Word and the importance of being obedient and faithful to His teaching comes through loud and clear in a storyline so fantastic and faith affirming, it could only come from the Word of God.


  • 6 lead roles (many lines)
  • 5 medium/small roles (4-8 lines)
  • 2 tiny roles (1-3 lines)
  • 2 non-speaking roles

Release Date: Sept 22, 2017


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