Carols Galore

Orchestrated by Tim Simonec

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It’s here! An orchestration that packs 13…yes, that’s right…13…of your all-time favorite Christmas songs into one, glorious, 5-minute masterpiece. New from Semsen Music is Carols Galore! With a little bit of everything, this stand-alone orchestration has the biggest variety of genres and styles throughout its entirety and blends your favorite Christmas hymns and carols together seamlessly.

Thanks to the incredible talent of one of Hollywood’s most sought-after orchestrators, Tim Simonec, your orchestra will instantly ignite the Christmas spirit in the members of your congregation this year. Bringing his love for the Lord into his work, Simonec’s Carols Galore reflects sounds similar to his most well-known orchestrations in his career including Disney Pixar’s UP, The Incredibles, Toy Story 2, Monster’s Inc., Mission Impossible 3 & 4, Star Trek, and Jurassic World to name a few.

Let’s bring on the carols, and invite your congregation to join in! This will be a Christmas presentation like no other!


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Orchestration Preview

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