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Back to the Cross

A Kids Musical Adventure Through Time
Created by Christy Semsen
Arranged by Daniel Semsen

•Role Information: 11 main roles (6 girls, 5 boys, 4 can be either), 1 adult role (male), many additional/optional non-speaking roles if needed
•Solo Information: 12 small solos, many additional optional solos if needed
•Sequel to best-selling Semsen time travel adventure, Back To The Manger

Abandoned long ago and nearly forgotten, the H/O-2000 is discovered by the kids in our story while attending the annual VBS program at Midway Community Church. A series of time-traveling escapades ensue, taking our intrepid gang of time-jumpers on a wild ride, immersing them in strange times and cultures (including the totally tubular 1980s, the roaring ‘20s, the Wild, Wild West, and even the Garden of Gethsemane!), all leading to a point of discovery about the importance of the Cross and the message of the Gospel.

Release Date: Sept 12, 2014


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