Non-seasonal anthems

All Hail King Jesus

Arranged and Orchestrated by Debora Cahoon

From the Ends of the Earth

Arranged by Daniel Semsen
Orchestrated by Daniel Semsen

How Firm a Foundation

with My ShelterArranged by Eric Belvin
Orchestrated by Tim Cates

Holy Holy Holy

Arranged and Orchestrated by Tyler Williams

I’ll Fly Away

Arranged and Orchestrated by Michael A. Lee

Our Loving Father

Arranged and Orchestrated by Phillip Keveren

Featured new project

Worship New & Old


Introducing “Worship New & Old;” Modern and classic songs of praise for congregational worship.

Elevate your worship experience with a harmonious blend of modern and classic songs of praise. “Worship New & Old,” arranged by John Bolin and orchestrated by Daniel Semsen, takes you on a journey through the timeless melodies that have guided believers through the ages, fused seamlessly with contemporary arrangements that resonate with today’s worshipers. Modern favorites like Phil Wickham’s Great Things are paired with classics like Crown Him with Many Crowns, while Goodness of God and Waymaker are blended together with ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus.

One affordable collection gives you 26 songs in 10 unique arrangements, totaling over 70 minutes of music! From Sunday mornings to special worship events, “Worship New & Old” is your go-to resource.

“This new collection, arranged by John Bolin, is FIRE!  I can’t wait to use it with my church family at FBC Madison.” Ross Johnson, FBC Madison, MS

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Bless God

Arranged and Orchestrated by Cliff Duren

I Believe

Arranged and Orchestrated by Cliff Duren

People of Heaven

Arranged and Orchestrated by Cliff Duren

Trust in God

Arranged and Orchestrated by Cliff Duren


The Greatest Hymn on Earth

MusicalCreated by Christy Semsen
Arranged by Nathaniel Semsen & Daniel Semsen

The Greatest Hymn on Earth (Worship Edition)

Created by Christy Semsen
Arranged by Daniel Semsen & Nathaniel Semsen

The Good Shepherd

A Preschool MusicalCreated by Darlene Abbott

Sheep Stuff

A Wooly Awesome ChristmasCreated by Christy Semsen
Arranged by Daniel Semsen & Nathaniel Semsen
Semsen Family

About us

Daniel and Christy have always felt a passion for choral music, and engaging worships of all ages in their ministry. They developed a philosophy of ministry that flows THROUGH the church choir as lead worshipers in the church.

With 9 Dove Awards between them, the Semsen family is excited to be writing, arranging, and orchestrating for the church.  SEMSEN MUSIC is the latest vessel in which to channel their passions.  With that said…SEMSEN MUSIC is very excited to be offering resources for your church written and arranged by ALL KINDS of incredibly talented and seasoned musicians.